How Sentrex Works for Manufacturers

  • Patient support programs

    • At Sentrex, we know that treatments for complex conditions are as varied as the conditions themselves, and new therapy innovations will require novel solutions. We create customized programs that exceed the level of support you require to meet the needs of your patients.
  • Access and reimbursement programs

    • Patients are often burdened by the cost of medications or associated copayments for complex conditions. The experienced team at Sentrex will work with you to ensure patients are able to access the financial support available, enabling them to begin treatment when prescribed and remain adherent as long as required.
  • Medication handling and shipping

    • At Sentrex, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and state of the art equipment to handle product appropriately whether ambient or cold chain, storing or shipping. You can rely on our meticulous attention to detail and high quality standards.
  • Injection, infusions and specialized treatment preparation

    • Does your molecule require specialized tests either before or after treatment? Is it administered by injection or infusion? We can help ensure medication is available and ready to use, when and where it is needed.