How Sentrex Works for Patients

  • Direct-to-patient medication delivery

    • Having your prescriptions automatically refilled and delivered will make sure you always have the medications you need.
    • We offer customized options. If you prefer delivery on evenings or weekends, to home or work, we have you covered.
    • If you’re taking temperature-sensitive or specialized medication, that’s our area of expertise.
  • Copay management

    • Paying your copay can sometimes be a challenge. Sentrex can help by:
      • Navigating reimbursement applications on your behalf.
      • Providing you with access to copay assistance programs.
  • Ongoing education and support

    • Our team has in-depth knowledge and specialized experience with the medicines we provide.
    • Our dedicated patient helpline is staffed with expert pharmacists who can help you better understand your treatment plan.