How Sentrex Works for Physicians

  • Direct-to-clinic medication delivery

    • Having prescriptions automatically refilled and delivered to your clinic can help you manage inventory and ensure product availability.
  • Ongoing clinic support

    • Our dedicated team of pharmacists and support staff have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field and are ready to assist you with customized solutions and access to:
      • Diagnostic and patient screening services.
      • Electronic inventory and order management.
      • Temperature-monitored cold chain medicine delivery.
      • Assistance with patients who need products administered on site.
      • Provision of specialized patient consultation support.
  • Cold chain medication expertise

    • We specialize in managing cold chain medication and ensuring product integrity throughout the supply chain. This includes medication shipped directly to patients’ homes.
    • Every cold chain delivery is shipped and monitored with temperature data logging and specialized packaging.
  • Copay management and reimbursement support

    • Sentrex will coordinate copay assistance directly with manufacturers to ensure patients can access the treatment you select.
    • Avoid treatment delays and support ongoing therapy.
  • Supporting prescriber choice

    • We work with manufacturers to make sure your patients have access to the medications and brands of your choice.